A lot of my work is in close cooperation with the NHS. I want you to get as much as you can of your treatment on the NHS. I will always try to get your medication prescribed by an NHS GP and where available, to help you get treatment on the NHS. Often we can come up with shared care arrangements, where you get a diagnosis and specialist reviews from me but your recommended prescriptions free from your NHS GP.

Having said that, you will know that there are huge gaps in NHS care: this is why you are looking for help from me as a private specialist and why it can be very useful to have a private GP or to see a private therapist. I work with the best of them and I can guide you to the one who is right for you.

If your health is important to you, it makes sense to invest in it.

An initial consultation usually takes 1.5 h with you, and costs £550, including me studying your referral and notes, and afterwards compiling a full report, to either help your GP continue your treatment, or inform ongoing treatment with me directly. Depending on complexity and frequency of sessions, follow-up is either 1h at £330 or half an hour at £220 (these shorter sessions involve comparatively more admin, so unfortunately their fee can’t be 50% of a longer session. Generally, I spend as much time preparing and processing appointments as on the sessions themselves).

Whenever appropriate, I will include a report on my findings and our work together, which should be sent to your GP (unless you object) and which I am also very happy to share with you. It’s your health after all!