Private Kent psychiatrist helping with low mood, high anxiety, emotional problems, behavioural difficulties and poor mental health

I am a consultant psychiatrist in private practice in Canterbury, Kent and London.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor specialising in disorders of the mind. Because of my medical qualification I can help you with talking therapy but also prescribe medication (which a psychologist cannot). Combining psychotherapy and medical treatment means I can help you get well sooner.

A consultant is the highest grade of doctor in the UK. After medical school, you can either train as a GP or apply for specialist training, which typically adds another 7-9 years before you can be appointed as a consultant. Specialisation means that I will be able to to make diagnoses that your GP can’t and prescribe treatments that your GP isn’t familiar with or unable to provide. For you, this is about you getting an accurate diagnosis and the treatment that is exactly right for you.

I used to work full time in the NHS, but I grew frustrated with the bureaucracy and the long waiting lists. I left to concentrate on private practice and clinical rather than admin work. For you this means you can see me without delay, right when you need me.